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Homeschool Resources

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  • What Do You Do When There Isn't a Chapter or Verse?

  • Curriculums & Programs

    ABeka Academy - K4 through 12th grade; correspondence, DVD or video streaming; "accredited" option available which keeps grades and prepares transcripts

    BJU Press Homeschool - K3,4 through 12 grade; DVD, hard drive or video streaming; partner with Bridgeway Acadamy which keeps grades and prepares transcripts

    Calvert School - K through 8th grade; core subjects; no Bible classes; mix of correspondence and online resources

    Christian Liberty Press - pre-school through 12th grade; uses a variety of Christian publishers used; correspondence style

    Church History - books for expanding your Bible or History curriculum

    Homeschools.org - K through 8th grade and high school; CLASS program; tailors curriculum for your student based on standardized testing; correspondence style; variety of publishers used

    Homeschool-Curriculum.org - reviews of numerous homeschool curriculums; additional information regarding choosing to homeschool and different approaches

    Homeschooling Resources - curriculums from a variety of publishers; large variety of subjects and styles; discount prices

    Homeschool KJV Bible Curriculum

    Homeschool Reviews - written by homeschoolers who have actually used the curriculum

    K12.com - online public schools, online private schools, individual classes and world language courses; all age groups; not Christian

    OnlineSchools.org Homeschooling Guide - Thinking about homeschooling? New to homeschooling? Great guide to get you started on your journey.

    Sonlight - literature based Christian homeschool program; ready made packages or customize; K3 through 12 grades

    Wall Builders - excellent biblical world view DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, books, documents, and more regarding American history; adult and children's items available

    Teacher, Student & Planning Helps

    40 Ways to Learn Music Online for Free - This teachthought.com article provides a wealth of resources for those who teach or play. Links there include places to print your own staff paper and teaching tips and resources, and so much more.

    CollegeBoard.org - everything you need to know if you desire to go to college; recommend begin viewing end of freshman year or beginning of sophomore year

    Craft Project Resources - Bored kids? Links to sites for craft projects for kids, adults or events.

    Craft Supply Resources - Supply resources for real flowers and craft supplies.

    Crossword Labs - create your own crossword puzzles for review, games or just for fun; password protect your answer key; no registration; FREE to use

    DadsWorksheets.com - math worksheets galore; includes pre-algebra & basic geometry

    DonnaYoung.org - homeschool planners, household planners, and more

    Easy Test Maker - generate your own tests; FREE version and an additional subscription version with more features

    EdHelper.com - many, many types of puzzles to create; great for review; excellent for teachers & homeschool

    FactoryTourUSA.com - a directory of factories that give behind the scenes tours; search by state or category; great ideas for field trips or a staycation

    Field Trip Finder - choose your state or province to locate museaums, zoos, aquariums, planetariums, historic sites, nature centers and other educational facilities near you or on your trip; small or not-so-well-known venues are also included

    FiveJs.com - an online story of one family's homeschooling journey; many articles and basics for getting started and locating resources on the internet; free printables and downloads

    FreePrintableBehaviorCharts.com - printable behavior management charts as well as printable rewards

    HomeschoolBuyersCo-op.org - purchase curriculums at a discount; check out their sidebar for terrific resources such as field trips, contests & scholarships, webinars & conferences, writing tips, and more

    Jeopardy Labs - create your own Jeopardy boards for review, games or just for fun; this is not a power point program; no registration; FREE to use

    Old-Time Children's Games - 3 dozen games played for generations; great for homeschool PE time

    Organizational Calendars

    Organizational Planners

    Physical Fitness Resouces for Kids - great resource to help plan activity time for homeschooling PE requirements (Thank you to Barbara and the kids at Afterskoolkids.org for this submission!)

    Printables for Kids - a wide range of printables for kids; coloring pages; homeschool materials; homework helpers; mazes; puzzles and more

    Soft Schools - pre-K through 5th grade; middle schools; worksheeets and games for numerous subjects and topics

    SchoolExpress.com - 17,000+ worksheets, games; create your own worksheets

    Testmoz - create your own test online; 4 question types; detailed reports; passcode protected; no registration creator or students; must keep track of the test URL; FREE to use

    The Algebrator - math software program available to students, parents, teachers, and educational institutions; can show every step to every answer; serves as an automated tutor for math students at every level; appropriate for solving math problems from pre-algebra through the advanced college level

    Standardized Testing Resources

    It is vitally important to test your student. State requirements vary. As "retired" homeschool parents, we suggest being above reproach - test every year.

    The ACT Exam - college entrance test; recommend begin taking junior & senior year

    ASVAB Testing - FREE practice tests; aptitude test given by the military to measure strengths, weaknesses and potential; also gives a good idea of career aptitude

    Bayside School Services - standardized testing resource; California (CAT6) and TerraNova

    BJU Press Testing - various testing available including Stanford (SAT), Iowa, learning ability, and assessments

    Brewer Testing - BASI, Iowa, Kaufman, TerraNova, Woodcock Johnson III, IQ testing available

    Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) - use to assist high school & college students with educational and career planning

    PSAT/NMSQT - practice test for the SAT college entrance exam; recommend taking sophomore year; state codes needed for the PSAT for homeschoolers

    SAT Registration - college entrance test; recommend begin taking junior & senior year; SAT Question of the Day

    Miscellaneous Homeschooling & Teaching Topics

    Homeschool World - forums, articles, events, organizations, contests and more

    HomeschoolingSupply.com - over 30,000 educational products

    Ministry127.com - check out the section on Christian education for helpful articles regarding teaching

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